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Female Vocal :Suman Gurung. Compose and Lyrics :Kamal K Chhetri, Album :I Love You Too. Arranger: Bijeshwor Tandukar, Recordist :Rajeshwor Tandukar, Studio Works :TAS Studio. Models :Prakriti Shrestha, Paul Shah and Bharat Adhikari.

Make-Up :Tina Rai, Sarita Prajapati, Direction, Camera, Edit and Colorist :Nitin Chand. Video By :UR Style Productions, Wardrobe :Denim III, People’s Plaza. Thanks to The Gastro Bar and Bishwojyoti Mall.

I Love You Too Song Lyrics

Akha aakha jude pani ,Mero boli futena, Mero boli futena
Akha aakha jude pani, Mero boli futena, Mero boli futena

Mutu mutu jode pani, Prem ko artha bujina
Prem artha bujina, Khai kina ho kina janina,
Maile maya launai janina …4
Timi mero mutu, Timi mero dharkanI Love You Too Song
Timi mero aasa, Timi mero chahana
Timi-mero mutu, Timi mero dharkan
Timi mero aasa, Timi mero chahana
Timi-mero dhuna, Timi mero saragam
Ma garchu timilai, Aja yo sorama
Tara gaunai janina, Maile gaunai janina
Khai kina janina, Gaunai janina
Maile maya launai janina..4
I love u maile, vannai sakina
I-love u maile, vannai janina
(I love you, Maile vane sunana
I love you 2, Timi pani vanana ) X4

Mp3 Download I Love You Too Song, Nepali Pop Song.

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