Baby Kuchi Kuchi Song, Honey Bunny Part 2 Movie Song

Baby Kuchi Kuchi Mp3 Song Download

Vocal / Compose / Act: Suraj Karki, Female Vocal: Sana Maharjan. Female Model: Swastima Khadka, Lyrics/Camera/concept/Direction: Nitin Chand.

Baby Kuchi Kuchi Song Lyrics

Baby Kuchi Kuchi…..4

Call me nochi nochi
ur’ my fuchhi fucchi
baby kuchhi kuchhi
hello pinky pinky

Baby Kuchhi Kuchhi……4

Dancing baby doll
playing basketball
i like you every pal, pal har pal
Morning one miss call
tension harek ek pal
give me a just call…ho ho ho ho…

Female:Baby Kuchi Kuchi-Song
Cooling ceiling fan
i like spider man
they are my best frnz …
Chocolate in my hands
they are body land
you are fuddu kind ….

Baby kuchi kuchi
Baby Kuchi kuchi

Ur my Nochi Nochi
I m ur’ fucchi fucchi
Baby Kuchhi Kuchhi
Hello Vikky Vikky

Baby Kuchi Kuchi
I m ur fucchi fuchhi
Ur My Nochi Nochi
Baby Kuchhi Kuchhi
I m fuchhi Fuchhi

Mp3 Download Baby Kuchi Kuchi Song, Honey Bunny Part 2 Movie Song.

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